Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Have you been charged with a crime? Facing jail, license suspension, and job loss?

Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., is an experienced and competent defense attorney who has represented residents of Massillon, Canton, and the surrounding communities for nearly two decades. Having served as an Assistant Prosecutor with the City of Massillon for ten years prior to becoming a defense attorney, Attorney Warstler possesses the insight and skill to maneuver your criminal matter through the criminal justice system to reach the best possible outcome.

Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., handles a variety of criminal matters in Massillon, Canton and surrounding communities. He can represent you if you are charged with either a misdemeanor of felony charge for...

  • Traffic Violations:DUS I Hit/Skip I Failure to Yield I Improper Signaling I No seatbelt
  • Drug and Alcohol Offenses: OVI/DUI I Underage Drinking 'Drug Abuse I Drug Trafficking I Drug Possession I Agg. Vehicular Assault I Agg. Vehicular Homicide
  • Property Crimes: Criminal Trespass I Burglary I Breaking Entering I Theft I Vandalism
  • Violent Crimes: Domestic Violence I Felonious Assault I Manslaughter I Murder
  • Sex Crimes:Gross Sexual Imposition I Sexual Battery I Rape
Remember, convictions for many crimes have lifelong repercussions. OVI/DUIs can be enhanced for future violations thereby increasing jail, license suspensions and vehicle sanctions, all of which may lead to job loss. In addition, some offenses have mandatory registration subject to public access. Lastly, many felony offenses and domestic violence offenses may result in your inability exercise your Second Amendment Right to own or operate a firearm.

Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., also represents minors in juvenile delinquency/criminal matters. If your child has been charged with delinquency or criminal matter, Attorney Warstler can help.
You only get one chance to defend yourself, so contact Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., to discuss your case - 330-880-0828.

Are You Eligible to Seal Your Criminal Record?

Learn about the expungement process in Massillon, OH

Is a criminal conviction limiting job and social opportunities? Often, a criminal conviction can have longstanding consequences to those seeking employment, social and housing/loan opportunities. Under Ohio law, residents of Massillon, Canton, and surrounding communities may have their criminal convictions sealed.

Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., can assist you by...

  • Explaining the sealing/expungement process
  • File your application to seal
  • Represent you at your application hearing
If you can benefit from a fresh start, contact Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr. to discuss and begin the process today. Call 330-880-0828.