It's a Smart Idea to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

It's a Smart Idea to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

Find out why residents of Massillon, Canton and surrounding Communities turn to Attorney Warstler for his service.

Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., is a firm believer that perhaps the last best gift you can give your family and loved ones prior to passing is an estate that is well planned - an estate that is clear, concise and easy to administer. Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr. will personally meet with you and discuss your familial situation and particular needs and desires to establish an estate plan fit for you and your needs. Attorney Warstler can assist by...

  • Drafting or updating your Last Will & Testament
  • Drafting testamentary trusts or guardianships for minor children
  • Draft or modify Revocable Trusts
  • Draft General Durable Power of Attorney
  • Draft Advance Directives — Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will.
  • Draft Survivorship Deeds or Transfer on Death Designation Affidavits.
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Has a family member or love one recently passed away?

The loss of a family member or loved one is a very emotional and trying time. Attempting to deal with the decedent's debts and assets afterwards, can bring a person to utter despair. In such cases, let Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., help you.

Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr. has been helping families from Massillon, Canton and surrounding communities navigate the estate administration process for years. Whether it is identifying probate assets vs. non-probate assets, identifying debts to be paid, liquidating assets, or distributing assets pursuant to a decedent's Last Will & Testament or law, Attorney Warstler can guide you through the process. Often it will be necessary to open an estate in probate court. However, depending on the circumstances, an estate may be eligible for a summary release or relief from administration rather than a full administration thus saving time and money.

Let Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr. help you during this difficult time. Call 330-880-0828 to discuss your situation.