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Family law matters consist of a wide variety of legal matters ranging from child custody, child support, visitation, divorce and dissolution of marriage and juvenile delinquency/criminal matters. Such matters can be daunting and complex without competent legal counsel to assist you.

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Seeking a Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage?

Seeking a Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage?

There are often complex issues that arise in divorce and dissolutions. To navigate these issues, it is imperative to have competent legal representation to obtain an equitable result. Areas of discussion often surround the following:

  • Division of Debts/AssetsIn any divorce or dissolution, it is imperative to identify those debts and assets that are considered marital and to divide them equitably
  • Child Custody-Couples, who have a minor child, must also address custody, companionship, and support for the minor child.
  • Spousal Support -If there is a large disparity between the income of you and your spouse, you may be entitled to receive or required to pay spousal support for a period of time after the termination of your marriage.
YAttorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., can assist you in your divorce of dissolution to obtain an equitable result. Call today - 330-880-0828.

Do you have a Child Custody matter that needs addressed?

Perhaps your child was born out of wedlock and child custody and companionship has never been addressed. Or maybe circumstances have changed since a prior custody hearing, divorce, or dissolution that require a court to re-address the custody and care of your child. Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., has the knowledge and experience to assist you in those matters. Call today - 330-880-0828

Post Decree Matters - Has your ex-spouse failed to comply with prior Family Court Orders?

Often a Family Court Order may go unaddressed or ignored by those whom are subject to the order. If your ex-spouse or other parent of your child has failed to comply with a divorce decree, parenting plan, or other court order, Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., can fight to have that Order enforced. Contact Attorney Warstler to discuss your case today - 330-880-0828.