Don't let your Defense Attorney treat you like another case number!

Get personalized guidance from an attorney in Massillon, OH

If you are facing criminal charges in Massillon, Canton, and surrounding communities, you deserve an experienced and competent Defense Attorney. Some attorneys will only glance at your case and attempt to plea it out. However, Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., is not like other attorneys. Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., will provide personalized and undivided attention to your criminal case. He will fully review all facets of your case and advise you as to the strengths, weaknesses, and consequences of your charges. Whether it comes to litigating during a jury trial or negotiating with the prosecuting attorney, you can be assured Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., is fighting for you - not just another case number!

Do you have a Family Law matter that needs addressed?

Whether you are considering a divorce or dissolution of marriage, have a child custody matter, or have a child visitation or support matter, such matters deserve your very best. Divorces, Dissolutions, and Custody matters can take an emotional toll on the entire family. As such, it is imperative that you have an experienced and competent Family Law attorney to guide you through the family law process. Call today - 330-880-0828.

It is never too early to plan for the future!

Have you planned your Estate?

Estate planning is a topic many people do not like to discuss. After all, who wants to think about dying let along plan for it! Rest assured, Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., can provide guidance as you consider...

  • Who will make decisions on your behalf during a medical crisis
  • Who will decide whether to keep you on life support or allow you to pass
  • Who will take care of your minor child in the event you pass before he or she reaches adulthood
  • Who will handle your estate when you pass
  • Who will pay your debts after you pass
  • What will happen to your assets
Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., can address these questions and more. Now is the time to plan for your future. Call today - 330-880-0828.

Has a family member or loved one passed and you do not know what to do next?

The passing of a family member or loved one can be a very difficult and emotional time. Deciding or figuring out what to do next just further adds to the emotional despair. Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., is experienced in handling estates through the probate process and will provide you with the guidance to alleviate such unnecessary stress during this time. Contact Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., at 330-880-0828 and allow him to help you.

Injured or Considering Civil Litigation?

Have you sustained a personal injury?

If you have been injured by the negligence of another person, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. It is imperative in such instances that you know your legal rights. Whether your case requires litigation or an out of court settlement, you need to know the value of your injury and someone to represent your interests. Contact Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., today to discuss your case.

Do you have a civil dispute or are you considering civil litigation?

If you believe you have been wronged by another person or business, you would be best served by consulting with an attorney who has experience in resolving such disputes. Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr., has handled disputes pertaining to contract, home improvement, property, landlord/tenant, and debt collection. Many of times such disputes can amicably be resolved without litigation. However, if litigation becomes necessary, you will be glad you consulted with Attorney Keith A. Warstler Jr. Call today to discuss your dispute - 330-880-0828.

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