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Attorney Keith A. Warstler: Your Reliable Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Massillon, OH

Whether you are facing criminal charges or dealing with more personal and family-related legal matters, you need a knowledgeable attorney to guide and represent you. With more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer, attorney Warstler can assist clients in resolving divorce, estate planning, or criminal defense issues like drug crimes. He’s already helped countless clients in the Massillon, OH area resolve their legal issues. Attorney Warstler serves clients in these areas:

  • Massillon, OH
  • Canton, OH
  • North Canton, OH
  • Navarre, OH

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Honest & Diligent Legal Services

Keith A. Warstler Jr., LLC

Secure Your Legacy with an Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is a crucial task for anyone with any assets. While it’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t need a lawyer to assist you with estate planning, don’t try it. Without an attorney, you could make costly errors that can put the future of your legacy in jeopardy. If the state’s probate court finds any errors in your estate plan, it may declare your plan invalid. The state will then appoint an administrator to divide your assets. You’ll have no say regarding the distribution of your property, and your estate can spend years tied up in the court system.

Start a New Chapter of Your Life with a Trusted Divorce Attorney

As the age-old adage goes, nearly half of marriages end in divorce. While this statistic isn’t as simple as many make it out to be, it’s true that many marriages eventually end. When that happens, you need a lawyer to help you ensure that your assets are protected in your divorce. If you don’t hire an attorney to represent your assets, your partner will. At that point, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

In addition to his experience as a defense lawyer in criminal court, attorney Warstler can also help you settle your divorce. He’ll work tirelessly to make sure that your separation is an equitable one. Don’t leave yourself open to attack in your case. Trust attorney Warstler to defend your rights during your divorce proceedings.

Keith A. Warstler Jr., LLC

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Honest & Diligent Legal Services



Are you facing a DUI or OVI charge under Ohio state laws?

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Traffic Offenses

Often, we view traffic tickets as little more than annoyances.


Sex Crimes

Is the state accusing you of a sex crime?

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Violent Crimes

Are you facing allegations of violent crimes in the North Canton, OH area?


Drug Crimes

If you’re facing drug charges in Ohio, you’re may be facing serious consequences.


Property Crimes

Have you been accused of committing theft or burglary?



It’s not every day that a state makes significant changes to its legal system.

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Divorce vs Dissolution

It’s not an uncommon situation. Two spouses realize it’s not working.


Division of Debts and Assets

One of the most significant tasks two parties face during divorce proceedings is property division.

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